Rental Property

Generate more Inquiries

As listing websites continue to raise their fees and commissions, AVROA is dedicated to establishing an Owner / Manager controlled listing service – free with membership.

Learn about property data upload options…here

Control your Business

The VR marketplace is getting more complex. AVROA is dedicated to giving you the tools and the information you need to run your business through education, research and programs like the AVROA Academy.

Assure your Guests

No one likes sending money to someone they know nothing about to rent a property they have never seen. Now you can assure your guests and give them a good reason to rent from you.


Become a Volunteer

Do you believe in protecting the traditional values of the VR Market? If so, you can become part of this growing movement of concerned owners and managers.

Check out AVROA volunteer opportunities…here

What We Believe at AVROA

We believe that whether you are a vacation rental owner, run a B&B, rent a Villa or run a local property management company you have a different relationship with your guests than if you were a hotel chain.

We believe that we are all better off working together and using the strength of our membership to gain favorable pricing for the goods and services, establish standards of quality, offer education and to advocate for our rights.

We believe each owner and manager knows how to best run their business and our job at AVROA is to support your business not tell you how to run it.

We believe AVROA needs to stay independent and our mandate is to stay that way.

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