You have two options for your Chapter’s domain name. You can either continue to use the domain name assigned by AVROA when your chapter website was being designed. This domain contains the term “Rentivo” which is the name of the technology company that supports the Chapter program or you can purchase your own domain name from any hosting service. We recommend that your Chapter has it’s own domain name.

Creating your own Chapter Domain name is a three step process:

First, you need to register your Chapter’s domain name with the hosting company of your choice;

Second, you need to tell our system what domain name you want to use by login into your Chapter Website Dashboard.

Go to the “Site Settings” page:

Website Domain Name Menu

Third, you need to configure the DNS settings at your hosting service

DNS settings are simply the instructions you give your hosting company telling it which server you want your domain name to direct your viewers to.

In order to configure your DNS settings to point your domain to the Rentivo server you need to update your domain’s “registrar” through your hosting services dashboard.

There are two changes you need to make:

Redirecting your DNS

Copy the “Value” here so you can paste it into your host’s dashboard:

If all this feels too complicated, contact us and we will be glad to help you register your Chapter’s domain name though our system and make the required changes for the cost of $25/year