Get Started with AVROA in Two Steps

Since AVROA is an association and not a simple property listing service like VRBO, HomeAway or Airbnb, getting started takes two steps:

  • First set up your AVROA Membership.
  • Then you set up your property listings.

You Membership dashboard and your property listing dashboard have separate logins so anyone working one your property listings will not have access to your association membership.

AVROA Home Page

Step #1

Your first step is to choose your membership then to create your association membership by clicking on the “Join Us” button located at the bottom left of the AVROA home page.

This will take you to AVROA’s new member application. Select your membership level then click “Submit”. You will be directed to where you can pay for your membership with a credit card.

Step #2

The second step is to create your login for your property dashboard where you will be listing and managing your property.

How to create your listing login credentials:

  • On AVROA’s main menu bar click “Login” then “Membership Login”from the “Login” drop down menu. This will take you to your login page for your association membership.
  • Log into your membership dashboard using the email and password you set up when you joined.
  • From the “What would you like to do?” a pull down menu. Choose “Set Up Your Listing Account”. This will take you where you can set up your login credentials for your property listing dashboard.

Note: If you choose the “Property Listing Upload” option, you do not need to take this step. We will create your property listing account for you.

Member Login Portal

After setting up your Listing Account you will be able to list and manage your property on AVROA’s property listings service and give other people access to your property dashboard without giving them access to your association membership personal information.