Setting the location of your Vacation Rental

You can either click the location on the map, or you can enter the address manually.

We use this information in order to help prospective guests easily find properties based on location, and also suggest properties to users based on locations which they might like to stay at.

It is important to enter a correct location because it will determine exactly which categories and sections your property will be displayed on the website.

For example, if you specify your property as being in “Varenna” then our platform will try to find the best match for this location and place you in this category on our website, but also each location that “Varenna” is also in. This is clear from the grid below. Your property will show in every category, (even the “Earth” category, which should contain every property we have, at least until we start renting properties on Mars!).

Drop the Pin on the Map

The simplest way to map your location is to just click the pin on the property map then confirm the location.

Property Location Mapping Using Google Map Marker

Entering the Location

Alternatively, if you want to enter the address manually, you can switch to the “By Address” mode, and then start off by selecting the country that your property is within and then enter a few bits of location pointers in the respective boxes. The more information you enter the easier it is for us to correctly guess where your property is. (For example you wouldn’t believe how many matches we get for “York” if you are searching in the United States!).

Property Location Mapping Using Rental Address

If you do a search and we aren’t sure how accurate the results are, we will give you the chance to refine your search and pick one of the categories that we have found.

Vacation Rental Marketing Warning

A dialog box will pop up and give you a list of all of the possible matches that we have found for your rental. We have over six million potential locations so depending on how little information you provide us, this could be a big list!

Scroll down through it and select the location which best represents your property’s location. Remember, the more specific you are, the most categories that your property will be advertised in. This is because your property will be advertised in, “Everywhere”, “United States”, “Illinois”, “Clark” and the “York” categories. If you only select “United States”, then you would only get advertising in a single category.

Select the Correct Vacation Rental Location to Market your Rental

Once you have found the location, you can then move the Map Marker to pinpoint the location of your property.

The Categories Your Property Is Advertised In

Once you have entered the location for your property (and after it’s all saved and listed on the main site), your rental will be displayed in every location category for that location. For example, using the images above, the “breadcrumb” of a particular location is:

  • Everywhere > United States > Indiana > Steuben > York

This means that it will be displayed in five different categories on the website, and will also show up when people do a search for locations which are near to it.

Rental Map of Locations

All Done!

If you have any problems contact us and we will resolve your issue as quickly as possible!