Rentals United and AVROA have come together to offer two, low-cost, association certified, alternatives to increase your sales.


AVROA is an exciting association platform that has been gaining strength since its founding in 2011. AVROA’s formula for success is to offer a low-cost booking alternative coupled with guest assurance. As owner, managers and guests incur increasing transaction costs, AVROA low-cost model and recognition of guests’ desire to know who they are doing business is being recognized as a welcomed alternative.

Add AVROA to your Rentals United channel list either by:


Paying a flat subscription fee for Inquiry Generation


Paying a fee only when you receive a booking

Inquiry Generation Program:

If you prefer more interaction with your guests, AVROA’s Inquiry Generation program is a great choice. For one flat membership fee AVROA will forward inquiries directly to you so you can respond to them the way you feel is most appropriate.

Requirements to join  this program are:

  • Choose the subscription level that is best for you
  • Complete AVROA Certification (the cost of certification is included in your subscription fee)
  • Agree to our terms of service

AVROA’s Rental United Subscription levels:

  • list up to 50 properties                          $xxx.xx
  • List up to 100 Properties                      $xxx.xx
  • List up to 200 properties                      $xxx.xx
  • List up to 500 properties                      $xxx.xx
  • List up to 1000 properties                    $xxx.xx

Transaction Program:

Want to only pay for what you use? Then AVROA’s Transaction program may be best for you. This program operates like the other channels you are using at Rental United. There is a guest service fee of 5% that is taken at the time of the booking and Rental United will invoice you for their standard 2.8% manager fee.

This program offers you two ways to receive your money when a reservation is placed.

  • If you subscribe to a merchant service that AVROA is integrated with (currently Stripe and VacaPay) you will be merchant of record and will receive your money as soon as your bank settles the transaction to your account.
  • If you do not subscribe to a merchant service that AVROA is integrated with, AVROA will be merchant of record and will release funds to your bank after the guests arrives.

Requirements to join  this program are:

  • Add AVROA as a Rentals United channel.
  • Complete AVROA Certification (a one time fee of $99).
  • Select which merchant service you will be using.
  • Agree to our terms of service.

What is AVROA Certification ?

Here are two facts:

1 – Fake vacation rental listings are a growing problem and the prospect of a ruined vacation is a guest’s #1 concern.

2 – Guests feel better about renting when they know more about who they are renting from.

AVROA certification is a program that encourages guests to rent from you by letting them know more about you, your business and by assuring them that you abide by AVROA’s Code of Ethics.

Every AVROA certification is issued a dedicated certification page and uniquely numbered seal. Display your seal anywhere you advertise your property or communicate with potential guests and then link your seal directly to your certification page. That way your guests are always just on click away from seeing your credentials.

Click the image of a certification page to view an actual AVROA certification.

You apply for AVROA certification by completing an application and forwarding documentation that confirms your association with the listings you are representing.

Submit your certification application through your AVROA member dashboard. After your application has been processed you will be issued your dedicated certification page, numbered certification seal and your properties, displaying the AVROA certification seal and linking to you certification page, will be activated on the AVROA listing platform. Certification applications normally process within 10-14 business days.

 How do I get started:

  • Add AVROA as a Rentals United Channel.
  • Decide which AVROA listing option you want (Subscription or Transaction).
  • Agree to abide by AVROA’s “Code of Ethics” and terms of service
  • If you choose subscription, select and pay for the inquiry level membership you need from the AVROA membership menu.
  • If you choose Transaction,
    • Select and pay for a Rentals United Channel Certification from the AVROA membership menu.
    • Advise us which merchant service you will be using.
  • After joining AVROA, apply for AVROA certification through your membership dashboard.
  • After your certification process is complete, your dedicated certification page will be published, you will receive a copy of your certification seal to display wherever you communicate with your guests or advertise your properties and your AVROA listings will be activated.