To be eligible for Property Manager Certification you must be able to say “Yes” to the following three questions…

Does your company  take reservations and collect receipts?

Does your company manage housekeeping?

Does your company manage maintenance?

If you qualify, your next step is to join AVROA.

To select your membership level …Click Here

After you have joined AVROA follow the instructions below to apply for your manager certification.

Step #1

Locate “Login” on the AVROA main menu bar located at the top of this page. From the drop down menu select “Membership Login”. Log into your AVROA Membership area and select “Apply for Property Manager Certification” from the “What do you want to do?” drop down menu..

Property Manager Certification Application

Step #2

Complete and submit the Property Certification Application

Property Manager Application

Step #3

Email a Company Logo (optional) and images of any documents you refer to in your application along with your Company name to:

Certify Step #3

After we process your property manager certification we will publish your dedicated Certification page and email you that page’s URL along with your uniquely numbered Certification seal.

We encourage you to display your certification seal anywhere you advertise your properties and  link it to your certification page.

Please allow 10-14 days for us to get your application processed. If we have any questions we will contact you..