Here’s what you get with your AVROA Membership


Vacation Rental Scams are a growing problem. Assure your guests and protect your property listing from being duplicated by thieves with AVROA's Property Certification program. Simply complete the certification application and after your application is processed your property will be issued an AVROA property certification seal with a unique certification number and a dedicated certification web page that guests may view telling them where they can see your property legitimately on the Internet.


Advertising your property on AVROA’s listing service is a free benefit of membership and even though AVROA’s focus is on being an association, we see huge potential for AVROA members. As large Internet Listing Services continue to raise fees and commissions the day will come when you will be able to offer the same property on your AVROA listing for 10-15% less than on others services.


AVROA uses the strength of our membership to negotiate favorable pricing on goods and services such as merchant services, insurance and financial products, products and services you use in your rental, technologies like website design, hosting and much more. It is our goal to connect you to quality services and offer advice.

Email Campaign Service

Email campaigns are an effective tool in creating bookings and many times you can download past inquiry data from your property listing service. The problem is that these data files can have thousands of records that are hard to work with and that most email systems are not designed to publish large volumes of emails.

AVROA’s “Get Out the Word” campaign solves this problem. You send us the data, we clean it, then use AVROA's email server to publish a custom email template featuring your property that you can use to stay in touch with your customers by letting them know about special deals, events happening in your area and how your guests can contact you directly. The "Get Out The Word" program is a free benefit of membership.


Start an AVROA Chapter with other owners in your area and start converting your guests to booking directly from you while using the strength of your group to negotiate favorable pricing for goods and services and share inquiries. AVROA provides you with a fully functional property listing website displaying your properties and plus you can add additional pages to custom tailor your website for your community. The Chapter program is free with Membership!

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