A Note from Rod Fitts, President

These are very disturbing times for many vacation rental owners and managers as they see their dependence on large listing sites being leveraged against them and, unfortunately, some of these owners and managers are going to get hurt by the recent changes in the market.

There are also many forums considering whether AVROA could ever be a viable alternative to the current listing platforms and I want you to know that the answer to that is… Yes!

As owners and managers, we have always been the 800 pound gorilla in the room, we just never realized it. We support these large listing platforms and we can choose not to do so whenever we want. We just have to start working together.

I have said it for years and I will say it again, if we all magically decided to come together tomorrow, we would have over one million members and have a budget large enough to compete on a global scale. I believe we could take back control of our market in a year maybe two.

The good news is that AVROA is 4 years old and that even though we don’t look very powerful today, we now have the systems in place to manage intense growth. Thank goodness we started in 2011.

I also hear the skepticism out there and I am here to tell you that regardless of all the broken promises of the past, that there are still great and influential people who understand the value doing good work. They are coming together in support of AVROA even as I write this article.

So let me state it as clearly as I can. AVROA will be everything we promise it to be and it will never be taken over by Wall Street.

I am telling you this now because it is time for you to join AVROA. Our strength is in our numbers. You are not joining because we will generate an inquiry for you tomorrow because chances are we won’t. That day will come. You are joining because AVROA is an investment in protecting your interests and the integrity of our market.

In spite of all the recent bad news, I see these as very hopeful days. We have a huge opportunity to take back control of our market… all we have to do is give AVROA the support it needs.

I invite you to help us make AVROA the great organization we all want it to be. Visit us at www.avroa.org

Best regards,

Rod Fitts