Exporting you AVROA Calendar


Not only can you import calendar data from other websites you can also use you AVROA listing as you primary calendar and export that data to other websites.

To use your AVROA calendar as your main reservation calendar and to export that data to other websites simply take  the following script :


and copy it into a text editor like Microsoft Word or NotePad.  Then replace the [PROPERTY_ID] section (including the brackets) of the script with your AVROA property number. The end result should look like:


That is all there is to it..Just paste the script you just created with your property number into the Calendar URL import field of the website you wish to send your data to. Below is an image of VRBO’s Calendar URL import page.

An important note:

If you are exporting your calendar data to a listing services that uses frequency of updating your calendar as a sort criteria you will still need to log into that account daily and click “Calendar is Updated”.

If you want to reverse an existing calendar feed into your AVROA listing and make your AVROA calendar your main booking calendar, you will have to manually input all the currently reserved or blocked dates back into your AVROA calendar after you suspend the calendar data coming in from outside your listing.

VRBO Import Calendar