"Get Out The Word" with AVROA's email campaign service

Did you know that you can download the email addresses of the people who have inquired about your property on listing sites like VRBO, HomeAway and VacationHomeRentals ?

The problem is that these data files can have thousands of records that are hard to work with and that most email systems are not designed to publish large volumes of emails.

AVROA’s “Get Out the Word” campaign solves this problem. You send us your data, we will clean it, create a custom email for you and publish it using AVROA’s email server. All for free.

It’s easy. Here’s how it works…

Go to your property’s VRBO, HomeAway or VacationHomeRentals inbox.

Click the download icon.

Remember to download your Inbox data not your Reservation data.

(The example below uses VRBO but they all work about the same.)

Get out the word campaign

A window labelled “Download Inbox Data” will open.

Check the “download all inquiries” box and click “submit”.

If you don’t see the “download all inquiries” check box , don’t worry. Some people can see it, others cannot.

You will just have to download each month separately by choosing start and end date ranges with the calendars. For example, Jan 1st 2015 to Jan 31st 2015.

Your data goes back three years so can download up to 36 months. A .csv data file will be automatically downloaded to your computer for each month.

That’s all there is to it. Attach the .csv file(s) to an email addressed to getouttheword@avroa.org along with your name, the email associated with your AVROA property listing and any personal/business website address you would like us to include in your campaign email.

We will clean your data, create a custom email promoting your property and send it to you for your review. Once approve, we will send it to everyone on your inquiry data list.

Use AVROA’s “Get Out The Word” campaign to stay in touch with your customers by letting them know about special deals, events happening in your area and how your guests can contact you directly.

To let you know that I have had 2 responses from your email. One reservation request through AVROA and the 2nd confirming an existing reservation.
Raymond Lynn “

Inquiry for The Sandhill Beachhouse:
Hi! We would like to return to your beautiful home!! We missed out last summer because we were out of the country, but are looking forward to picking up with the tradition this coming summer. Our children absolutely love it there (and so do we!). 🙂 We previously had booked via VRBO, but got your email to use this site instead. Thanks! Laura

Thank you for adding me to your E-mail list. I was a fan of VRBO before they were bought. I am glad I now have an avenue to deal with owners direct.

“Well a big hoorah for Rod.  I was shocked at the response as I had 4  inquiries today and 1 of those inquiries just rented!!!”

Vickie Phillips…

Rod,I had 2 inquiries today and one booked.  My first booking with AVROA!!  Yea!!!  I am very positive that AVROA will take over the VRBO market!!!

Gloria Thomas

Email campaigns are an effective tool in creating bookings.

Take advantage of this great member benefit today…

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