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The Internet can be a powerful source of information but with so much content available how can you tell what resource to use. AVROA has solved that problem for you. Below is a list of online resources ranging from Facebook groups and webinars to software and products that we have reviewed and recommend for you to use. Just click on the resource name you want.

Facebook Groups

New To Short Term Rentals, Airbnb, and Hosting

Founded by Alanna Schroeder and Tyann Marcink, this group was recently created to allow new short term rental owners and hosts a safe place to ask  questions, share successes and brainstorm challenges with real time feedback from seasoned hosts.  This group was officially started in September, 2017 and currently has 450 members. Are you new?  Seasoned and want to share some of your knowledge?  Please join us!


Founded by Vincent Carson – Striving to provide Airbnb hosts with better insights into their listings and the cities in which they operate in using a data driven approach. (permission requested)

Vacation Rental & Airbnb Investors

Founded by Erica Muller, this group is for those who are investing in properties specifically to use as a vacation rental or Airbnb property anywhere in the world. This group focuses on the investment side of the transaction. The entry and exit point (buying and selling).

Airbnb Finest Hosts

Paul Hart -We are a wonderful collection of Airbnb Hosts from all over the world… some might say of the highest distinction!  Airbnb’s Finest Hosts is a Facebook Community welcoming friendly hosts from across the globe. Share ideas and discuss creative ways in being a better Host. (permission requested)


A community of Smartbnb users, exchanging tips, help, and giving feedback!

Hosting Journey

Evelyn Badia – Please note, we’re not an Airbnb, VRBO or any other Vacation Rental Platform sponsored group. This is an Evelyn Badia/All About Vacation Rental Hosting Group. This Facebook group is here to support you, get your questions answered, and chat all about Vacation Rentals including Airbnb, VRBO, Flip Key and all of the other platforms as well. (permission requested)

Airbnb Profit Club

Founded by Eric Moeller – This is an educational hub where like-minded hosts, investors, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and everyone in between can come for support, education and brainstorming in building their Airbnb (STR) businesses! (permission requested)

Say No To VRBO

This is a CLOSED group available only to Vacation Rental owners and managers to discuss VR issues, learn from each other and discuss ways to gain independence from listing sites like VRBO.

Short Term Rental Industry News and Events

Founded by Alanna Schroeder and Tyann Marcink, this group was recently created to share industry news and events. The group was founded  in September, 2017 and currently has 450 members. Looking forward to having you join us!

Airbnb West Coast Hosts (US)

Becky Buccoli Pelletier – This is a group for ACTIVE Airbnb Hosts and Superhosts looking for support, help and information to help you on your journey. It’s a group for fun and socializing. To keep this groups content and activities relevant and tailored, it is for members who HOST in the following locations. Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada. (permission requested)

Airbnb Host Share

Dorian Hill – This group is for AIRBNB Hosts to share thoughts, ideas, resources, experiences, etc.. about their AIRBNB Hosting. (permission requested)

Owners Only – Vacation Rental Owners Happy Hour

Kristine Fowler Sapp – Welcome to Owners Only – Vacation Rental Owners Happy Hour! This page is designed to provide Vacation Rental Owners a place to share vent, laugh, cry, share ideas, ask questions, find solutions, discuss maintenance, guest issues, management company referrals, brainstorm, etc. (permission requested)

Airbnb-Global Hosting Forum

Dee Walton  –  This is a FaceBook place to let Airbnb hosts and other Short Term Rental Hosts know about the forum for hosts at www.globalhostingforum.com (permission requested)

Alternatives to VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb

This group do not allow any posts or comments that are relating back to vacation listing sites that request service fees. Such as, vrbo, airbnb, homeaway, etc. Any posts or comments that are linked to these sites will be deleted.Recommend alternatives to VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, TripAdvisor and Expedia. We represent www.a1vacationhomes.com a No Service/Booking FEE vacation rental website with over 15000 properties for worldwide travelers and owners.

Airbnb Homes For Sale

Andy Thoms – Airbnb Homes For Sale is a marketplace to buy, sell, Airbnb homes worldwide. (permission requested)

Airbnb Property Owners

Airbnb Property Owners is a group that unites the airbnb property owners to discuss issues, tips and in general argument the position of owners and push for changes and upgrades of functions on Airbnb. (we are not affiliated with Airbnb)

Airbnb Disability Access

The Happy Host

An Airbnb self directed guide to happy hosting – creating style & sharing ideas, follow us as we share our journey from construction to booking with this almost 100 year old home and carriage house / let’s exchange ideas on guest services, business management, construction and design, decorating styles, cooking and gardening & much much more.


Matt Landau – (permission requested)

Hosting Your Home

Founded by Debi Hertert of Hosting your Home Podcast – this community  is hard at work sharing resources, best practices and lessons learned our goal is to help each other become our best in business and in life!


Founded by Debi  Hertert – The Host2Host organization sprang from the Portland, Oregon host community with its multifaceted needs. Uniting our voices, our skills and our neighborhoods, we connect hosts with resources, and offer a unified advocacy voice to speak with policy makers, media and others who impact our businesses.  Our motto: By Hosts for Hosts.

Airbnb Social Justice and Disability

Airbnb Social Justice Disability is a new Facebook group that has been set up for host and guest to discuss social justice & access issues in Airbnb listings, to find each other and to network on the issues of access. Access includes features not currently available on the Airbnb site, in addition to ambulatory issues, such as fragrance free, communication, fluorescent lighting, invisible DISabilities, ongoing and chronic health conditions, stigmatized features and conditions
and neurodiversity, etc.


Antonio Bortolotti.  If you haven’t attended VRWS, you’re welcome to join the group. This is the place for VRWS Attendees to ask questions, seek help, share thoughts, give feedback and support fellow peers. (permission requested)

Airbnb Floor Plans

Welcome Airbnb hosts, We aim to make a better floor plan for airbnb hosts. We want guests and hosts to communicate seamlessly ! Why waste time on explaining with endless sentences ? Simply put a floor plan to tell your guest what your place is made out of ! All we ask in return is your feedback on the floor plan and how to make it better ! Thanks.

Snowbirds and Summer Vacations

The Snowbirds & Summerbirds Vacation Rentals group is for independent homeowners who wish to list their properties for short or long term vacation rentals.

Community Leaders from all over the world

Purpose of this this group is to get yourself connected with other amazing community leaders who attend Airbnb open!

Airbnb News

Airbnb News is a group exclusively for sharing news and updates related to Airbnb

Get Paid for your Pad

This is a group dedicated to sharing experiences with Airbnb hosting. Feel free to post experiences on other short stay platforms as well. Lets grow, learn and improve together!


Publications and Online Reading

VRM Intel

Founded by Amy Hinote in 2012, VRM Intel was created as a tool for the fast-growing and rapidly-evolving vacation rental industry. Our mission is to provide relevant industry-specific news, information, and resources to help professionals build their businesses, to address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, and to positively contribute to the vacation rental ecosystem.

The print publication is published quarterly, and VRM Intel also hold live events in many locations throughout the year.


Smarthosts is a vacation rental & Airbnb hosts forum / community for rental professionals.  The site includes a forum, article catalogue, industry news and discussions.  Collated and delivered by the Rentivo team, this is a source of quality information and resources.


Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING to key sectors of travel.  Covering all aspects of travel, Skift often has the most up to date opinion on what’s happening in the vacation rental industry.

LinkedIn Groups

AVROA LinkedIn Group

Vacation Rental Professionals

Vacation Rental Management Assoc

Vacation Rental Experts

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals

Holiday Vacation Rentals


Cottage Blogger

Heather Bayer – Published since 2004, there are over 500 articles and posts on the site covering every aspect of the business.  With focus on owners and smaller property managers, as well as realtors, there is a wealth of practical advice from the CB team, who have over 25 years experience in the business both as owners and managers.

Vacation Rental Management Blog

Matt Landau – Insightful blog with plenty of lengthy guest posts from industry leaders.  Mostly covering marketing, this informative site is the front end of Matt Landau’s Inner Circle, a membership-based forum.


Written by Jess Ashworth, the Lodgify blog is full of valuable insights into marketing, operations and management of vacation rental businesses.

Global Hosting Forum & Blogs

Hostfully Blog


Vacation Rental Success Podcast – Heather Bayer

Unlocked Podcast by Matt Landau – https://www.vrmb.com/unlocked-podcast/

Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast by Jasper Ribbers

Hosting Your Home Podcast by Debi Hertert

Hosting Journey – by Evelyn Badia

TV Shows

A Sense of Place – TV (youtube) by Matt Landau

Operational Resources

Properly.com cleaning

Avalara – Tax

Vacation Rental Toolkit

The Distinguished Guest

1 Chic Retreat



Your Welcome

Party Squasher

Hostfully Property Guide – www.hostfully.com

Touchstay Welcome Guide

Smart Locks

August Lock



Cubicasa – Floorplans


Proper Insurance

Country Financial

State Farm

Web Builders

Vacation Rental Soup


Booking Sync

One Roof Top


Dynamic Pricing


Beyond Pricing


Property Management Technology


Fetch My Guest

Conferences and Meetups

Vacation Rental Success Summit

Vacation Rental World Summit

San Francisco Democratic Club -http://www.homesharersdemclub.org/

Host 2 Host in Portland, OR