No one is comfortable sending money to someone they don’t know or renting a property they have never seen.

Now you can give potential guests a good reason to rent from you by assuring them that you and your property are real and that you subscribe to the highest business standards.

Providing Guest Assurance with Property Certification

Here are two facts:

1 – Fake vacation rental listings are a growing problem and the prospect of a ruined vacation is vacation rental guests’ #1 concern.

2 – Guests feel more assured when they know more about who they are renting from.

AVROA certification encourages guests to choose your rental by letting them know more about yourself and your business, by assuring them that you and your property are real and that you abide by AVROA’s Code of Ethics.

Checking a property’s certification is also easy for your guest. Every AVROA certification has a dedicated certification page and uniquely numbered seal. Display your seal anywhere you advertise your property or communicate with potential guests, like your email signature, and then link your seal directly to your certification page. That way your guests are always just on click away from seeing your credentials.

Click the seal to the right to see what an AVROA Certification page looks like.

Guests can also go directly to the AVROA website and click on the “View a Certification” button where they can enter your certification number to view your certification page.

Property certification not only assures your guests, it also helps protect you by deterring thieves from using your property listing information to create a fake listing.

Getting Certified

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