The Association of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates (AVROA) declares Guest Assurance the next big opportunity for managers as they expand their manager certification program.

Certification Seal

As managers continue to look for new ways to increase their business AVROA sees guest assurance as a big opportunity. AVROA’s new manager certification membership level gives managers from around the world an alternate way to obtain AVROA membership and certification without the cost of a full listing membership.

While attending the 2016 Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona, Spain, Rod Fitts, AVROA’s President, explained why AVROA is expanding this program and the value of guest assurance.

“As the VR market continues to mature and becomes more competitive every manager is looking for ways to promote their services. The growing coverage of vacation rental scams in the media is not only a wake up call for everyone in this industry that we must take steps to assure our guests. It is an opportunity for those who recognize this need and respond to it.”

“AVROA’s Listing Manager membership level, which features full AVROA benefits including AVROA’s property listing services, is a great value but as an association we have a responsibility to make certification affordable for everyone. This new membership level makes guest assurance available to all managers. Even those who are watching their budgets”

The concept of Manager certification is simple:

With all the advantages that the Internet has brought to the VR industry one thing lost was a physical place of business. In the past a guest could walk into an establishment and see credentials on the wall.

What AVROA’s certification program does is give every manager that wall back in the form of a dedicated web page where they can display their credentials and present their business to potential guests.”

AVROA Certification Page

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