Our Mission:

To be the place where owners, managers and companies affiliated with VR industry can connect and take advantage of the benefits that naturally occur when people and organizations work together.

What we believe:

We believe that whether you are a vacation rental owner, run a B&B, rent a Villa or run a local property management company you have a different relationship with your guests than if you were a hotel chain.

We believe that we are all better off working together and by doing that we will be able provide many of the services we are all paying now for ourselves at a fraction of the cost and at higher quality.

We believe each owner and manager knows how to best run their business and our job at AVROA is to support your business not tell you how to run it.

We believe that our job as your association is to support your business through support programs, research, education and advocacy.

We believe AVROA needs to stay independent and our mandate is to stay that way.

We Invite you to Join AVROA as a:

  • Vacation rental Property Owner
  • Vacation rental Property Manager
  • Company affiliated with the VR market

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