AVROA Membership

Regardless if you are a vacation rental Owner or Manager, the cost of membership is the same:

Annual Membership is $169/year.

Why Join AVROA?

It’s simple:

We all need a voice. A voice to negotiate with vendors and to advocate for our rights.

We all need quality information and education so we can make good decisions.

We all need community and place where we can connect with each other.

AVROA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting you and your vacation rental business. Regardless, if you benefit from discounts we have negotiated with listing services and vendors or if you learn something through our webinars that helps you make a better decision or if we help you advocate for your rights. Purchasing your AVROA membership is one of the best business investments you can make.

Want to do more to support AVROA?

Consider joining the Founder’s Circle:

The Founder’s Circle is a limited membership opportunity for those who want to support AVROA in its early years as a not-for-profit. When you join the Founders Club you pledge $500/year for three years. In appreciation for your support, your name, or the name you choose, will be permanently memorialized on the AVROA website as one of those people who were there in the beginning when AVROA needed your support the most. As a Founder’s Circle member, you are automatically entitled to all the rights and privileges offered with the standard membership.

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